Roman Kremenchugskij

Copenhagen, Denmark

+45 21129639


At work I like to choose a lead role when responsibility is distributed. I am an overachiever , who takes pride in doing my job professionally and responsibly. When I work on my own or on school projects, I will, when faced with challenges, work my way through them. In my workflow I am very focused on the challenges that lie ahead of me. It is problem solving that gives me a kick and motivates me. I thrive on tight deadlines and work well under pressure.

During my education, I have yet to come across a problem I have not been able to solve with focus and creative thinking, and therefore look forward to a workplace that will offer me the challenges I seek to develop my skills further.

I am a fast learner, at my last internship i went from not knowing anything about Node.js, Javascript and various frameworks to becoming quite proficient, meaning that i can create complex functionality and optimize for performance.

As shown in my CV, my main focus was not to acquire various secondary jobs. This is a conscious strategy on my part. I have chosen to focus on my education and self-development to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that I will need in the workplace, I will be performing in.

Socially I am frequently referred to as outgoing and cheerful.

When I work in a team, my role is usually a form of architect, it usually me who keeps a cool head and can see the big picture. Usually I'm also the problem solver for that very reason.

I constantly devise new projects for myself, possible apps / programs / websites. For the majority of them, they end up in that I conceive them, their opportunities and sometimes generate "proof of concept" to flush out/test out some of their biggest and most interesting problems.


Java, Android, Node.js, Backbone.js, Javascript, jQuery, C#, C, Unified Process, Extreme Programming, Scrum, MySQL, RESTful WebServices, Oracle SQL, Mongodb, Eclipse, Android Studio, Webstorm, Android NDK, User Experience, Design, Github, Linux, XML, OpenGL, Google Analytics, Google API.

Work experience

Checktom Aps 08-2014 — Present

Backend Developer (Intern)I started at Checktom without having any experience with any of the technologies/frameworks that they use in their tech stack.

I had to learn fast and perform as i learnt more and more. This process culminated in the fact, that i now consider myself to be proficient at developing using Node.js, Backbone and jQuery/Javascipt. What i mean by proficient is that i can develop fairly complex functionality and optimize it with performance in mind.

The product i developed for Checktom was a module for their web application that made it possible for businesses to manage events/gigs, payments and create job ads. The module was mostly done at the end of the internship. 

My tasks were:
  • Backend development using Javascript,Node.js,Backbone.js and MongoDB.
  • Analyzing data and architecture.
  • Helping manage a separate team of interns to help them organize their work and architecture.
  • Creating proof of concepts/prototypes.
  • Creating a separate module that is both integrated with some of the existing modules and can work separate from them.  

Out of Bits 12-2013 — Present

CEO and CDOI founded the company Out Of Bits, where we started with a news aggregation Android app for the followers/supporters of the football/soccer club Brøndby IF.

We spent a lot of time perfecting the news aggregation methods and developing the app with simplicity, usability and performance in mind.

We used the supporters of Brøndby IF as beta-testers, in return for the app being free.

The app gets its news data from Twitter, RSS, Facebook and direct parsing from HTML.

A lot of the code/classes were made to work with different news sources, it was a big priority to make the code as generic as possible.

As of 17-10-2014 there are over 1600 active users, we have not used any money on advertising, we have only posted about the app on two forums.

Our work process is agile, we break down features and designs into small packages of changes and therefore we can quickly change the code/design if a need arises.

Concerning testing, we test every release version of the app on several of the Android versions from 2.2 to 4.4, and we use the 1600 users of the app to test and find bugs. The bugs the users find, gives me experience with how to avert similar bugs in the future (other apps with similar functionality).

Because of the fact that we are doing this in our free time (both students), the progress is slower than it would be if we focused on it 100%.

Link to the app:

After the first app prooved that there exists a need for newsaggregators of this type, work started on a new app (Blotto), that covers the entire danish premier league.

While working on Blotto, a lot of optimizations concerning usage of networks, battery and wake-time were made.

A new design both in code and UI was made and implemented, new features (Calendar for matches with the ability to sync with Google Calendar and a lot of statistics) were added.

The growth has been very slow because of errors concerning the initial marketing strategy, we were not the friendly co-supporters of a club who made an app out of "charity", we were now a commercial company. 

We are currently trying to rework the marketing strategy.

Link to the app:

Nodes Aps 01-2013 — 06-2013

Android Developer (intern)In my time at Nodes i worked on two Android projects:

Internal Android App

I was tasked with creating an Android app for internal use at the company.
It works on android 2.2-4.1.

It contains a Gitlab client (using Gitlab API), contactlist (using RESTfull api), Phonehardware/software information, Portfolio (using RESTfull api) and Login/Logout service/receiver for the testdevices. 

Every part of the app has functions included which seem natural to them, IE Add contacts on the contactlist part.

Advanced augmented reality in conjunction with modern geo-based technologies

I created a library that combined two forms of OpenGL positioning, imagerecognition based positioning (Fast Corner Detection) with geo-based positioning.

From that library i created a demoapp that showed an example of what could be done with that library.

From using the positioning data, i showed different forms of augmented reality (3D and 2D models on a Camera view).


Bachelor in Software Programming 2013 — 2015

Copenhagen Business Academy
  • Contract Based Development
  • Development of Large Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Testing
  • Advanced Databases
  • IT Security

AP in Computer Science 2012 — 2013

Copenhagen Business Academy
  • 1. Year test - Project exame (The development of multi-user database systems in an organisational context)
  • 3. module, 3. semester - Technical Part (The development of Distributed Systems)
  • Android Development
  • Programming test
  • System development methods in perspective
  • Internship and final examination project

Part of Bachelor in Applied Science (IT) 2008 — 2011

Denmarks Technical University
  • Discrete mathematics and databases (01917)
  • Hardware/Software programming (02321)
  • Digital technology (02311)
  • Advanced Programming (02324)
  • Data communication (02325)
  • Electronics (31021)
  • Advanced Mathematics for engineers (01907)
  • Introduction to programming (02312)
  • Methods of development for IT-Systems(02313)


  • English - Fluent 
  • Danish - Fluent
  • Russian - Fluent in speech, but not in writing
  • German - Basic level


    Self-improvement, working on hobby projects in my spare time, new technologies, football, "Geek culture", gaming and gadgets.